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forever impossible for some people.

forever impossible for some people.

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Chinatown (74) review by: johnthehonbun

I watched the movie last night. 
And even though I’m not the big sucker for crime movies, (is that even a word?) I actually liked it.

The actors plays really well, and you gotta love Jack for this too.
I would probably have seen it sometimes, but thanks for recommend it ^^ 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chinatown review by: monsterocean

Watching Chinatown for the first time and I love it. The plot is rather strange but extremely interesting. Chinatown is a great detective story. It has a whole network of secrets and riddles which we solve during watching the film. Young Jack Nicholson is very attractive. I think he is a great actor. Love him in The Shining too. So, thank you, Bunny, for your recommendation <3

Chinatown review by: Emsqui

I have seen this movie recently (I’m currently working on watching the entire IMDB top 250) so I did not rewatch (is that a word?) the movie for this purpose. I did enjoy this movie a lot! Apart from the general atmosphere and costume and make-up,  the actors and the characters they portray is really good.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chinatown review by:

enjoyed it thoroughly. jack nicholson is a bonafide babe in this film. this was my first time seeing chinatown; although i’ve seen one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. thanks for the recommendation :3 watched it on netflix instant.

Chinatown review by: ashlee hurtubise

Hey Bunny, I loved the movie and im glad you recommended it because its not the kind of movie i would have known even existed if it wasnt recommended. Cuz its quite old and i dont know or liked many old movies. However, Chinatown i enjoyed. It was quite long. It took me three days to get through it, not cuz i didnt like the movie but i watched it before bed and the moment my head hits the pillow i like pass out, i swear there could be a tornado going on and id still fall asleep. Anyways, moving on, the movie was slow at some parts and i was kinda confused about what happened the fake lady who hired him the first time. Who was she? was she just working for the actual murder then? But i was totally gripped by this movie, im so glad i watched it. The ending was rather depressing, not traditional happy ending for sure. I want to actually become a detective some day as a career so i find it super exciting to read mystery books and watch mysteries like this and be like “im gonna be doing that for real someday” although i hope i never have a case in Chinatown now. Thanks for suggesting the film. Loving the club already:) And love all the rest of your youtube videos as well, you’ve got an amazing personality and it cheers me up when im watching them and im having a bad day. Thanks:D

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